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Love Home Swap - changing the way we holiday for the better

If you’re a traveller at heart but since having children found your lust for boutique hotels had to take a backseat, think again. We interview Ben Wosskow, Love Home Swap's Chief Marketing Officer, as part of our do-good entrepreneurship series because, quite simply, their concept makes such good commercial sense.

Read more... - bringing sharing and swapping to a mainstream audience

For an ever growing share of consumers ownership is “so yesterday”.

Entrepreneur Benita Matofska launched Compare and Share to mainstream sharing and swapping. Learn from her strategy!


TaskRunners - making delegation feasible for everyone to get things done

TaskRunners logo

Feeling stressed by your long list of todos and chores? Help is at hand.

Entrepreneur Cheryl Leong just launched TaskRunners so you can delegate tasks and focus on the more important things in life. Learn more about her mission.


Skilio - connecting skill sharers with the eager-to-learn

Classrooms, face-to-face tutorials and lectures might be what spring to mind when you think about traditional teaching. Skilio offers a channel that's evolving how sharers provide services and how people access learning. We look at the mark they're making on the peer-to-peer landscape.